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Hi, if it’s your first time here, welcome.

It is my purpose to create a nurturing supportive therapy space for you, one where you feel held and heard.
Whether you choose to see me in person at my clinic in Harley Street, London, my Surrey therapy room at Reigate Natural Health, or online via Zoom, you will leave feeling empowered and ready to embrace positive change.

Meet your Anxiety Therapist

My Why...

Prior to receiving hypnotherapy myself, I think I would always have labelled myself as a ‘worrier’. I can remember how anxiety crept up on me. After the birth of my son, I felt so overwhelmed that it was like a switch was flipped and anxiety crept in. I remember visiting my GP who said it was ‘normal’ to feel that way after having a baby, and soon things would settle back down. But they never did. They crept up, slowly but surely.

Soon it began to be my default mode, but no-one would ever have guessed. On the outside I had it all together. A good corporate job, a family and home but inside my own mind it was a different picture. I could never rest or switch off. Full of worry about the future and catastrophic thoughts. I was in the same job for years, even though it did not align with me, I just kept things safe, just in case. 

Until the year that things took a significant turn. My Mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer,  and the diagnosis had a profound impact on my own mental health.

Mum and I were so close. Spa days and coffee shop chats were the norm, I did not actually know how I was going to cope without her.

After the diagnosis, I felt my whole world fall apart. I had been feeling the physical symptoms of anxiety for so many years but they soon escalated and I suffered from regular panic attacks and debilitating insomnia, it left me feeling paralysed. 

I felt like I had lost complete control.

I began to look at ways to help manage my mental health and strategies to cope better and It was here that I discovered hypnotherapy. I am absolutely passionate that hypnotherapy empowered me with all the tools to enable me to not only cope better, but the space to allow myself to live more in the present moment, support my Mum in her final weeks and navigate through anticipatory grief.

Hypnotherapy was the only tool that worked for my feelings of anxiety, having tried many things in the past. It gave me control back. It unearthed in me the inner confidence to take control of so many areas of my life, no longer fuelled by catastrophic thoughts, or physical symptoms. I was finally able to change career direction, something I had wanted to do for years.

Hypnotherapy sparked in me a huge desire to help others.

I trained as a Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist and I now specialise in supporting clients who suffer from anxiety and anxiety related disorders and phobias, those who would like to improve their wellbeing, mindset and inner confidence. 

My aim is to support you to discover your own self belief and unique inner resources, empowering you to make the changes that you seek, so that you can enjoy your life to the full. 

I honestly can’t wait to work with you and it is my absolute privilege to do so.

"It really is amazing what people can do. Only they don’t know what they can do."

- Milton Erickson -

Hypnotherapy for stress

"Anxiety is a nervous system response,
not a personality trait"

Hypnotherapy for anxiety